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Aerosleep Mattress Protector 60x110 (Aeromoov travel cot)

Aerosleep Mattress Protector 60x110 (Aeromoov travel cot)
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Aerosleep Mattress Protector 60x110 (Aeromoov travel cot)

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AeroSleep Baby Protect for Aeromoov Travel Bed ITC 60x110: this mattress protector from AeroSleep allows your baby to sleep safely and hygienically throughout the night. The open 3D structure ensures that your baby can always breathe freely and not get too hot in his bed. The absorbent layer absorbs all moisture. Maximum air circulation ensures that this moisture evaporates quickly. The bottom layer is waterproof and prevents stains and bacteria on the mattress. The Protect, therefore, also serves as a mattress protector. The Aerosleep Protect is washable at 60 ° C. The Aerosleep Protect is suitable for any type of mattress and is also easy to place. A tight sheet that is too heavy or too thick can prevent adequate air circulation. That's why we recommend using the AeroSleep fitted sheet.
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