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Aerosleep Mattress Protector 50x80

Aerosleep Mattress Protector 50x80
Aerosleep Mattress Protector 50x80

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Aerosleep guarantees your child a safe and healthy rest. And when you sleep well, you better rest too!The Aerosleep Baby Protect Plus mattress cover guarantees safety, hygiene and practicality in a single solution. It is for the crib. Therefore, suitable for babies, from birth, until 7-8 months. Practical to apply thanks to the elastic bands, it has a three-dimensional fabric, an absorbent layer and a waterproof protective layer. Thanks to its special composition, it effectively protects the mattress from mites, moisture, dust, dirt and then washed at 60 ° C of the washing machine. For each wash, bacteria and allergens are neutralized and the baby sleeps on an always fresh and clean surface!AeroSleep's only 3D technology has many advantages. IT IS ANTI-SUFOCATION. It allows the passage of air reducing the risk of suffocation and hyperthermia. In fact, the honeycomb structure of the mattress cover allows your baby to breathe safely when sleeping on his stomach. The Aerospleep system is certified by the Tüv Rheinland Institute, a well-known German testing organization. In the United States, Aerosleep is also recommended by First Candle, an American association active in the prevention of white death caused by asphyxiation and hyperthermia. PROTECT FROM Mites AND BACTERIA. Aerosleep prevents allergies and, every time the mattress cover is washed (60 ° in the washing machine), the mattress is fresh and clean. LET SLEEP WITHOUT SOUNDING. The Aerosleep rest system allows clean air to circulate freely through the Aerosleep special fiber cells, eliminating hot and humid air. In this way, your child does not sweat and his body temperature remains constant. ALLOWS A REGULAR BREATH. Even upside down, your baby sleeps peacefully thanks to the special fabric structure that is air permeable. ABSORTS MOISTURE AND LIQUIDS. Pis, water, regurgitation, humidity. Any liquid disperses through the honeycomb structure of the mattress cover, is captured by the internal absorbent layer and blocked by the waterproof protective film. The air, which circulates freely on the same surface, ensures a rapid evaporation of the liquid and an always dry rest, avoiding skin irritation caused by moisture. dimensions 80 x 50 cm Thickness: 0.5cmMaterials and fabrics Aerosleep three-dimensional special fabric. The child from birth to 7-8 months.
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