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Aerosleep Mattress protector 30x73 (fitted sheet included)

Aerosleep Mattress protector 30x73 (fitted sheet included)
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Aerosleep Mattress protector 30x73 (fitted sheet included)

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Product descriptionMattress protector consisting of an open 3D honeycomb structure through which air circulates freely. There are two layers under this layer of air that optimally protect the mattress.AeroSleep Baby Protect is the perfect mattress protector that not only keeps the mattress free of bacteria and allergens, but also protects your baby safely when you are in the country of dreams. The larger sizes are ideal for wetting the bed because they keep your child and his mattress dry. We also offer this product in a small format: AeroSleep Baby Mini Protect. This specifically protects the head of the mattress. That is why this mattress protector is ideal for babies up to five months with reflux or who often spit. To maximize air permeability over the entire sleeping surface, we recommend combining AeroSleep Baby Protect with the AeroSleep fitted sheet.
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