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Aerosleep Mattress Protector 40x90

Aerosleep Mattress Protector 40x90
Aerosleep Mattress Protector 40x90

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The structure of the mattress protector of the AeroSleep cradle guarantees maximum air permeability: moist air is eliminated and fresh air is supplied. The AeroSleep mattress protector is suitable for all types of 40 x 90 cm mattresses, but is only effective when combined with AeroSleep adjustable sheets. Safe: the open structure reduces the risk of suffocation and prevents the reabsorption of CO2 and hyperthermia. The absorption layer and the protective film under the ventilated layer prevent moisture and dirt from reaching the mattress. With ventilation under your baby's body, moist air is vented and fresh air can arrive. Therefore, the formation of mold on the mattress is also avoided. The waterproof bottom layer of the mattress protector ensures that your baby does not come in contact with the mites. Therefore, the child is less likely to get allergies. Made of polyester, cotton and polyurethane (PU).
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