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Brand: Yookidoo
Bath toys for babies and early childhood Elephant bathtub shower, lilac The baby shower serves at a later time as a water toy...
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Brand: Yookidoo
Bath toy consisting of a series of colorful bathtubs and water jets that make the bathroom a very fun moment: the base of the fountain can be glued to the bottom of the bathtub and water flows through the central fountain. As the boats and characters are stacked at the base, the water flows through ..
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Brand: Yookidoo
Fun water jet in the bathtub or in the pool. The floating base throws water up through the center, creating a magical fountain. As the boats and the characters are stacked on the top of the base, the water it flows through them and shoots above. Changing the position of the overlapping parts creates..
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Brand: Yookidoo
With this fun duck, Jet Duck by Yookidoo, children's creativity has no limits. With 15 great accessories around the theme of the mermaid, children can always create new personalities of the duck and then let them go through the water. The fish sprinkles water. Turning the fish or duck feet will ch..
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Brand: Yookidoo
Battery powered jet duck that accelerates around the tub. Easy to operate, on / off button. The 5 pirate themed accessories allow the creation of different duck characters for an interactive and imaginative game. The water cannon fires constantly everywhere. Turn the cannon or remove the duck's feet..
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Brand: Yookidoo
Three stackable cups and an automated jet Faucet that includes glasses, each glass a surprise Three different activity glasses to play with water as it falls Sticks to the tub Recommended for children of +9 months..
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Brand: Yookidoo
Yookidoo children's unisex bath toys; model - mobile sensation bath yookidoo; reference 40158 Safety warning Warning: Not recommended for children under 18 months. It contains a toy. Adult surveillance is recommended..
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Brand: Yookidoo
A submarine operated by underwater batteries with a water circulation pumping system that draws water from the bathtub and recycles a safe stream of water without losing tap water. Water flows magically through the diver-shaped shower head that has been ergonomically designed for small hands. Make t..
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Brand: Yookidoo
This tap game sticks to the bathtub offering many different ways to play with water. Water enters below and flows out of the tap creating a constant current. Three interchangeable glasses and each with a different water jet: 1. Create a shower. 2. The water stream rotates the propeller. 3. As the gl..
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Yookidoo Elephant Baby Shower Blue
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Brand: Yookidoo
Compact and portable baby shower with elephant design. Smooth and easy handling for baby bath. Easy to use shower head with control buttons. It allows to easily reach and wash hair, neck and skin wrinkles. The baby shower serves at a later time as a water toy...
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Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station
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Brand: Yookidoo
It stimulates the child's play and exploration while learning complex forms of cause and effect, improves fine motor skills, hand coordination and problem solving skills. It has a unique pumping system for the circulation of water by attracting it through the submarine and producing a safe current. ..
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