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Yookidoo Tap Fits and Tour Pro, Bath Toy

Yookidoo Tap Fits and Tour Pro, Bath Toy
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Yookidoo Tap Fits and Tour Pro, Bath Toy

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This tap game sticks to the bathtub offering many different ways to play with water. Water enters below and flows out of the tap creating a constant current. Three interchangeable glasses and each with a different water jet: 1. Create a shower. 2. The water stream rotates the propeller. 3. As the glass fills the friend peek-a-boo comes to the surface. Use the glasses individually or stack them and see how the water runs through the three cups. The arm that incorporates the tap is rotatable and allows the cups to be placed directly under the jet or to the side. The tap is also swivel. Easy to turn on and off also for children since you just have to press the face.
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