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SkyDream Cot Tranquilizer Mobile

SkyDream Cot Tranquilizer Mobile
SkyDream Cot Tranquilizer Mobile

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Lights, music and a beautiful choreography that help to relax and/or entertain your baby.Through the innovative use of LED lights that turn on and off in perfect harmony with the pre-programmed melodies, the Sky Dream Mobile-Tranquilizer manages to reproduce an enveloping effect, entertaining and relaxing at the same time, for your baby.Your baby is lying under the awning and is enjoying a wonderful view of a sky full of fun and endearing characters.As the characters light up, they come to life and a great show begins.The lights are turned on and off creating a choreography that accompanies the 4 original melodies of the Sky Dream Mobile-Tranquilizer. The characters appear and leave, then reappear, the dog chases the sheep in a round to the rhythm of music, and all seem to move from one side of the sky to the other amusing your baby with their faces and smiles endearing.
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