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Babymoov Squeezy Night Light

Babymoov Squeezy Night Light
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Babymoov Squeezy Night Light

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Magic: Thanks to air sensor technology, give the Squeezy night light a squeeze to make it light up, another to make it brighter and a another to turn it off: Its as simple as that Ressuring: The Squeezy night light emits a subtle light so you can keep an eye on your little one without waking them Soft: The Squeezy night light is made from soft touch silicone and safe to place inside baby's cot or to take to bed with them Practical: Squeezy nightlight has 200 hours battery life: With its built-in timer, Squeezy will turn off automatically after 10 minutes or 30 minutes and is chargeable using the included micro-USB cable Compact: The Squeezy night light is the ideal sensory soft companion to travel with
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