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Set 10 Miniland Hermesized Food Storage Containers

Set 10 Miniland Hermesized Food Storage Containers
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Set 10 Miniland Hermesized Food Storage Containers

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  • The baby's shots are always ready, in the bush, on the beach or in the park! Allows parents to prepare the shots at home and take them anywhere. It is the ideal size to carry in your bag, in any isothermal bag or in the fridge.
  • With anatomical cutlery for all baby's stages. Includes a soft spoon for initiation to solid food and delicate with the gums, for babies over four months; and another deeper and more rigid spoon for older children. With an ergonomic and anatomical handle, very easy to hold by small hands making it easier for the little ones to eat alone.
  • For accurate control of the baby's feedings. The measures in the cup up to 250ml allow you to adapt the feeding to the baby's needs at all times. In addition, the side surface allows for the pencil writing of data such as baby's name, date and type of food or food contained for greater control.
  • Made in Spain with exceptional quality. Hermetic graduated 25 cl capacity, manufactured in Spain with high resistance materials.
  • Preserve mother's milk. Very suitable for storing mother's milk, either for refrigeration and consumption on the same day or for longer storage in the freezer.
  • For all types of solid or liquid foods. Ideal for first portions and all types of solid foods, from snacks to desserts. It is very suitable for other liquid foods such as broths, consommés or natural juices.
  • Frozen and thawed foods with all the guarantees. The baby's food is kept in the freezer maintaining its nutritional properties, aroma and taste. The graduated glass is suitable for microwaves, which allows food to be defrosted in a moment with total comfort and safety.
  • Heat anywhere. Very convenient to heat the food in the same airtight, in any bottle warmer, microwave or bain-marie, just at the moment of taking it.
  • Bisphenol-A free. 100% BPA free.
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