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Stanley Bottle Thermo Ceramivac 0.7L Salmon

Stanley Bottle Thermo Ceramivac 0.7L Salmon
Stanley Bottle Thermo Ceramivac 0.7L Salmon

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Ceramivac : a new unique ceramic coating of internal walls. Silicone polyester material, such as ceramics, does not absorb or emit odours, and is also stain-resistant. Beverages will not lose their freshness and unique taste even after a few hours; With the new Stanley Go Ceramivac product line, not only is the preservation of the temperature of the contents guaranteed, but also a clean taste and aroma without foreign impurities. The thermal bottle contains no plastic parts in contact with the contents; Go Ceramivac thermal bottles and thermocouples are made of high quality, durable 18/8 food grade steel. The time-tested double insulation with ceramic coating meets all trends of active life; A sealed cap with a stainless steel inner liner and a folding ring holder completely eliminates the possibility of leakage of bottle contents. Thanks to the ergonomic shape, the thermal bottle is very convenient to hold in your hand; The silicone backrest does not slide over different surfaces. The bottle fits perfectly with the car's cup holder and is ideal for everyday use; It quickly and easily removes contamination.
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