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Aerosleep Safe Pack Evolution 40x90

Aerosleep Safe Pack Evolution 40x90
Aerosleep Safe Pack Evolution 40x90

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The AeroSleep Sleep Safe essential package includes a unique mattress and mattress protector. Thanks to AeroSleep's innovative technology, this Sleep Safe package ensures that your baby breathes freely in a safe and healthy sleep environment while providing optimal back support. The Airfelt mattress, an innovative material with an open structure, offers a good backrest. The mattress cover with zipper is practical for maintenance and is washable at 60 ° C! The removable mattress protector consists of a specially designed 3D honeycomb structure. Thanks to this technology, your baby is lying on a layer of air, allowing him to breathe safely, even if he is on his stomach. Any liquid substance in the diaper or vomit is removed directly by the honeycomb structure and retained by the absorbent layer. The waterproof film protects the mattress from dirt while keeping your child dry. All mattress protector can be machine washed at 60 ° C.
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